GOP Delegates Eyeing an Escape From Trump: ‘There Is Only So Much Dog Sh*t to Choke Down’

Donald-Trump-e1460561593218Several discontented GOP delegates are grumbling for an upset at the Republican National Convention, CNBC reports. One went so far as to bemoan, “There is only so much dogshit to choke down.”

The canine excreta remark was from delegate A.J. Spiker, past chairman of the Iowa Republican party and former advisor to the Rand Paul presidential campaign.

Spiker also said that “The delegates are the grass roots of the Republican Party. They make up everything from farmers, ranchers, retired folks, every piece of the electorate. It’s not top party brass. There is a large group of delegates — more than a majority — that would want someone (other than Trump) as the GOP presidential candidate.”

Another delegate, speaking anonymously, told CNBC that there would be a long slog ahead for Trump, as the credentials committee still needed to ensure that all of his delegates were valid. “This is far from over. He is not the official GOP nominee,” he or she said.

“He is unfit for the Oval Office, and you are continuing to see that over and over again.” Spiker said of Trump. “There has to be a bottom to this pit.”

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