GOP Rep. Calls for Mueller to Recuse Himself from Russia Investigation

A Republican member of Congress is calling on special counsel Robert Mueller to recuse himself in the Russia investigation.

Congressman Andy Biggs (R- AZ) announced last night that he wants Mueller to recuse himself because of all the questions about his “ability to be impartial”:

We learned after Mr. Mueller’s appointment that Mr. Comey leaked government memos, hoping to influence the appointment of a Special Counsel. Mr. Comey’s actions were rewarded by a media frenzy that backed the Administration into a nightmarish corner, leading to the appointment of his close friend, Mr. Mueller. Since taking on the role, Mr. Mueller has made blatantly partisan hires that put the integrity of the investigation into question. I am gravely concerned by all of this and have concluded that Robert Mueller should recuse himself from further involvement.

Biggs, who wrote a piece for The Daily Caller this month titled “We Must Defend Trump Against The Left-Wing Media’s Smears,” says rather bluntly that the investigation “should not be centered around President Trump” because there is no evidence of collusion yet, and should instead be focused on “the Obama administration’s failure to protect the United States of America from attempted Russian interference in the 2016 election.”

Biggs concludes by saying he wants to see Congress and the DOJ “regain full control of these investigations and allow the President to govern the country as he was elected to do.”

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