GOP Rep. Proposes Bill To Fire Any Federal Employees Who Plead The Fifth To Congress

If you were outraged at IRS official Lois Lerner pleading the Fifth before Congress a few weeks ago, then Alabama congressman Mo Brooks has a bill for you. Brooks is proposing a law that would require federal workers to provide answers when testifying before Congress, and if they don’t, they would be fired.

When Lerner sat before Congress to face questions on her involvement in the IRS targeting tea party groups, she invoked her Fifth Amendment rights. This earned her the ire of many conservatives, with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus remarking that “you don’t need to plead the Fifth if you’ve done nothing wrong.”

Brooks today told The Hill that Lerner’s refusal to answer questions is something that should not be expected of a federal employee “if they are faithfully carrying out the duties of their office.”

“That is why I am introducing H.R. 2458, which would terminate the employment of any federal employee who refuses to answer questions before a congressional hearing or lies before a congressional hearing,” he said. “This legislation is constitutional and necessary to enable Congress to provide proper oversight for the American people.”

This comes two days after a huge D.C. rally in which speakers like Rand Paul called for the abolishment of the IRS altogether.


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