GOP Rep Slams Secret Senate Health Care Bill: ‘Looks Like They’re Trying to Hide Something’

Rep. Pete King (R-NY) has a reputation for speaking his mind — even if that puts fellow GOP lawmakers in the crosshairs.

On Wednesday, King sat for an interview with Long Island radio host Jay Oliver. In his discussion with Oliver, King unloaded on how Senate Republicans were handling their version of the American Health Care Act.

“Listen, there has to be private meetings all the time, but I think there should be more public debate on it,” he said. “It looks like they’re trying to hide something and it does add to conspiracy theories and everything else.”

Oliver had earlier suggested the whole affairs gave the appearance that Senate GOP leadership was trying to do something “underhanded”

“This look too secretive,” said King. “It’s going to put a cloud over the whole final product”

The news was first reported by CNN’s KFile.

The Senate’s Obamacare replacement has been crafted largely in secret leading to consternation among Senate Democrats and an increasing number of Republicans. Last month, the House bill narrowly passed after numerous failures — and a full public airing.

It’s hardly King’s first time in the spotlight. Also on Wednesday, while his fellow Republicans exulted over the victory of Karen Handel in Georgia’ special election, King took a shot at Trump’s Twitter habits, chiding the president for his social media tendencies and saying that his policies alone could bring him victory.  He was also vocal during Trump’s “illegal wiretapping” era in saying the president should not pursue the matter.

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