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GOP Rep’s Fundraising E-mail Slams Bill Maher’s ‘Anti-Catholic, Leftist Propaganda’

Bill Maher debuted a new bit on his show this year called “Flip a District,” in which he whittles down a list of congressman to one and targets that individual by trying to get the district flipped out of Republican hands. One of the first two congressmen in Maher’s bracket is New York’s Michael Grimm, who sent out a fundraising e-mail over the weekend drawing on Maher’s potential challenge to bolster support.

The e-mail (titled “The Liberals Are Coming”) rails against Maher’s “anti-Catholic leftist agenda” and calls him “hardly the spokesman for traditional American values.” Grimm frames himself as “the only one” standing between people like Maher and a “liberal take over of NYC.”

What Maher doesn’t understand is that the voters in Staten Island and Brooklyn do not agree with his anti-Catholic, leftist propaganda. Bill Maher is hardly the spokesman for traditional American values, in fact – he’s the opposite…

When it comes to Maher’s judgement, what should we expect from the man who said, “The Bible looks like it started out as a game of Mad Libs.”

It concludes with “The reality is the liberal left is destroying this great country. They don’t share our values,” followed by a fundraising pitch. Blake Farenthold, one of the other congressmen on Maher’s list, said last week he isn’t bothered by Maher targeting him, calling it a “badge of honor.”

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