GOP Sen. Bashes Gates: He Waited Too Long to Be ‘Honest with the American People’

Not every Republican is happy with former Defense Secretary Robert Gates for his behind-the-scenes recollections of Obama administration policy and conversations. And while John McCain criticized Gates for not waiting long enough to publish his memoir on the Obama administration, Oklahoma senator James Inhofe said Sunday that Gates should have come forward earlier and not wait until after he left the White House.

During a radio interview with WABC’s Aaron Klein, Inhofe said Gates deserves criticism for not being straight with the public sooner.

“We can justly criticize Bob Gates for admitting that he knew these things were going on and he did not reveal these to the American people… If you go back and look at the history of some of the secretaries of defense that we’ve had, they have been very outspoken in being honest with the American people. And Bob Gates wasn’t.”

Despite the criticism, Inhofe was particularly disturbed by the revelation that both President Obama and Hillary Clinton admitted that Democratic opposition to the Iraq surge was purely political.

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