GOP Sen. Kyl: Embassy Statement Condemning Anti-Islam Movie Like Telling Rape Victim She ‘Asked For It’

Republican Senator Jon Kyl told reporters Wednesday afternoon that the Tuesday evening U.S. Embassy statement condemning anti-Muslim movie Innocence of Muslims, reportedly issued before the attack in Benghazi, Libya that killed four American citizens including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was similar to a judge blaming a raped woman for her rape.

Roll Call reporter Meredith Shiner caught the remarks and transcribed them as follows:

“It’s like the judge telling the woman who got raped, ‘You asked for it because of the way you dressed.’ OK? That’s the same thing. ‘Well America, you should be the ones to apologize, you should have known this would happen, you should have done ā€” what I don’t know ā€” but it’s your fault that it happened.’ You know, for a member of our State Department to put out a statement like that, it had to be cleared by somebody. They don’t just do that in the spur of the moment.”

UPDATE: A spokesman for Senator Kyl offered the following statement to Mediaite:

By way of clarification, Senator Kyl’s comments were meant to demonstrate that innocent victims of violence need never apologize to those committing the heinous acts of violence.

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