GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Slams Colleagues: We Refuse to Be ‘Honest and Courageous’ on Health Care


As of Tuesday morning, six GOP Senators oppose the health care proposal ticketed for a vote this week, four more than the party can afford to lose in order for the legislation to pass.

One of those in opposition is Sen. Ron Johnson (WI). He, along with Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Sen. Mike Lee (UT), and Sen. Rand Paul (KY) are standing against the bill on the right flank. The group believes the legislation doesn’t cut costs enough.

And in a Tuesday appearance on Fox News, Johnson slammed many of his colleagues for, in his view, lying to themselves about how much the Senate proposal will actually cost.

“We literally are ignoring the fact that Obamacare artificially drove up premiums double, in some cases triple,” Johnson said. “Now, there’s a reason for that. We refuse to do the root cause analysis. We refuse to be honest and, I would say courageous enough to point out that all these things that sound nice have very serious negative unintended consequences called doubling and tripling your premiums.”

Johnson added that he’s not on board with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell‘s plan to rush the bill to a vote this week.

“I’m not asking months, but let’s take a couple of weeks. Let’s be thoughtful about this,” Johnson said. “Give me a chance to make the case to improve it. I was trying to make the case in the Senate, pretty much largely ignored.”

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