GOP Senator: Putin’s Already Won With Hacking Because We Are Talking About the Impact

bob-corker-mtpeditedMSNBC host Chuck Todd spoke to Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) today on the confirmation battle that awaits President-elect Donald Trump’s Secretary of State pick, which led to Todd asking how Rex Tillerson’s financial dealings with hostile governments were different than Hillary Clinton’s.

The conversation also covered the role of Russian hacking in the election and whether it helped Trump. The MSNBC host asked Corker if he believed Russia and Vladimir Putin sponsored an attempt to influence the election.

“Yes, I believe that Putin did what he could to try to discredit the democratic process and in doing so, he wins,” the GOP lawmaker answered.

When Todd wondered if he thought Putin already won with his actions, Corker said that was the case in his view.

“I think he’s had a victory just by the conversation that you and I are having right now,” the Tennessee Senator noted.

Todd then questioned Corker why Trump was so adamant about saying the reports of Russian involvement are wrong, leading the one-time Secretary of State candidate to say he didn’t know.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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