GOP Strategist: Trump’s Health Care Dealmaking Went Over Like a ‘Fart in a Hurricane’

Donald Trump was mildly friendly to Democratic senators during a reception tonight, prompting media speculation about how he had changed his “tone” toward them.

On MSNBC, guests Austin Goolsbee and Rick Wilson weren’t so sure that the tone change meant a whole lot. Lawrence O’Donnell wanted to know if Democratic lawmakers would work with Trump after this reception, especially when it comes to healthcare.

Goolsbee, a former chair of the Council of Economic Advisors for President Barack Obama, said Trump is “on a different planet” and like a bad player on a fantasy football team who is constantly trying to trade nobodies for big-name quarterbacks. In other words, the Democrats won’t be working with him anytime soon, tone change or no tone change.

GOP strategist Wilson had even more colorful language to describe “his sudden logic on this.”

Wilson said, and we quote, “It’s sort of wish-casting on Trump’s part that once again his powers of moral suasion, his mojo as a dealmaker — which we saw last week went over like a fart in a hurricane — this was not something that was successful for him in the House and I see even less of a prospect of that happening in the Senate unless he wants to completely deviate from any sort of conservative dogma and ideology about how we view reforming healthcare.”

Watch above.

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