Gov. Christie To Obama And Congress: Get This Done, Americans ‘Don’t Want To Be Distracted By This Bickering’

In a curiously presidential sounding address, New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie provided advice to Republicans and Democrats in Congress who refuse to compromise and to President Obama who has yet to put a plan in writing. Citing his own bi-partisan legislative success in New Jersey, Christie warned everyone “you can’t lead from behind” and that now was the time to get this debt negotiation complete.

Christie offered some general words of wisdom to politicians in Washington:

“I’d encourage all of them to step up to the plate and get this done. The American people . . . they’ve got jobs to do and they don’t want to be distracted by this bickering.”

And more directly, Christie focused on Obama, suggesting that now is the time for him lay all his cards on the table since “there is no substitute for executive leadership and that means taking risk.” Given that most Republican presidential candidates have been hesitant to loudly sound off on the debt debate, Christie’s willingness to jump fully into the fray certainly seems notable.

Watch the clip below:

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