‘Grand Canyon of Idiocy’: Twitter Reacts to Joe Walsh Claiming Charlie Hebdo Doesn’t Make Fun of Muslims

Joe Walsh, the former congressman turned worst Twitter pundit in America, was back at it again on Thursday, serving up the most widely mocked response to Charlie Hebdo’s…let’s say ‘insensitive’ front page on the Harvey storm.

The front page of the always-controversial French satirical magazine depicted Nazis drowning along with the headline “God Exists! He Drowned All The Neo Nazis in Texas.”

Condemnation on Twitter was swift and severe, and Walsh felt the need to offer his own take — though he bizarrely claimed that Charlie Hebdo “makes fun of everyone but Muslims,” calling the magazine’s staff “Cowards.”

Now, what Walsh is either genuinely or deliberately ignorant of is that Charlie Hebdo’s Paris office suffered a terror attack in 2015 that resulted in the massacre of 12 people — precisely because the magazine made fun of Islam. The attack sparked a worldwide campaign in defense of the magazine and its right to free speech.

Walsh’s absurd tweet, which for some reason has not yet been deleted, was of course torched by the Twitter community:

And finally

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