Morning Joe Debates WaPo Op-Ed That Suggests GOP Has Become A ‘Political Cult’

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen observed the Fourth of July yesterday, by publishing an inflammatory opinion piece entitled “Grand Old Cult,” which likened the GOP presidential field to a “virtual political Jonestown.” The on-air talent debated this piece this morning, with Donny Deutsch and Pat Buchanan going head to head on issues of American ingenuity, overseas outsourcing and other political hot topics of the day.

After setting up his thesis by calling for an “intervention,” Cohen sums up his column in the most blunt (and provocative) way:

This intellectual rigidity has produced a GOP presidential field that’s a virtual political Jonestown. The Grand Old Party, so named when it really did evoke America, has so narrowed its base that it has become a political cult. It is a redoubt of certainty over reason and in itself significantly responsible for the government deficit that matters most: leadership. That we can’t borrow from China.

A provocative sentiment to be sure, written with the sort of hyperbole designed to inflame emotions and spark debate, which Morning Joe was all to happy to provide. Good thing too, as the debate the post engendered was entertaining. Watch the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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