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Greenpeace Goes After LEGO’s Oil Ties with ‘Everything Is Not Awesome’ Parody

Remember that annoyingly addictive song from The LEGO Movie? Well, Greenpeace redid the song in a most depressing manner for a parody video drawing attention to LEGO’s partnership with Royal Dutch Shell, depicting an oil spill that engulfs an entire neighborhood of LEGOs.

Greenpeace argues the LEGO-Shell link is important because “Shell’s global advertising deal with LEGO is part of a carefully thought-out strategy by Shell to buy friends who can make its controversial Arctic drilling plans look acceptable and misleadingly associate it with positive values.” And lots of LEGO sets over the years have featured the Shell logo.

In the video Greenpeace posted online, you see oil swallowing lots of LEGO characters (including a few you might recognize from the movie) into the black abyss. Earlier this week there were reports YouTube had pulled the video, but as of this posting the YouTube video Greenpeace uploaded is still available to watch.

You can watch the Greenpeace video here:

LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome from Greenpeace on Vimeo.

Update- 10:55 pm: The Vimeo video has been taken down due to a copyright notice from Warner Bros., so you can watch the video here:

[h/t Salon]
[image via screengrab]

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