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Greenwald: NBC Damages Its Own Credibility by Pulling Gaza Reporter

Glenn Greenwald broke the story yesterday of an NBC News reporter who got pulled from Gaza after he tweeted pictures of the aftermath of an Israeli attack on Gaza and posted something not-too-friendly towards the State Department on Facebook. Greenwald defended Ayman Mohyeldin on Democracy Now! today, saying that NBC’s claims of security concerns just make no sense.

For one thing, even though Mohyeldin was pulled for such concerns about security, NBC’s own Richard Engel ended up going into the region himself, along with a producer who, Greenwald said, “had never been to Gaza, who doesn’t speak Arabic, who doesn’t know the area at all.”

Greenwald defended Mohyeldin as a great reporter doing important work, who’s been criticized by people “calling him a Hamas sympathizer and the like.” And he just can’t believe him being pulled was due to security issues.

For NBC to remove him at exactly the moment where he brought the humanity of this war and the humanity of Gazans to the world, at the same time that he posted some tweets that in network news land would be considered controversial because it questions the U.S. government and the Israeli position, at the very least, looks awful, and I think, for NBC News’s credibility, demands that they provide some answers about what really happened here.

Watch the video here, via Democracy Now!:

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