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Greta Goes After LA Times Columnist: Get Your ‘Head Out of the Sand’!

gretaFox’s Greta Van Susteren took to her blog on Wednesday to blast Michael Hiltzik‘s LA Times column, where he wrote that Carly Fiorina was “exploiting” her survival of breast cancer to score sympathy for her presidential campaign.

Van Susteren asked whether Hiltzik’s has kept his head in the sand for every other time politicians have ever talked about personal experiences in order to relate to people. She used Hillary Clinton‘s recent ads about her mother as an example, and wondered why Hiltzik was not so outraged when that happened.

“We know all about all the candidates’ personal stories and how those personal stories – especially hardship – helped shape them,” Van Susteren wrote. “While I don’t wish hardship on anyone I do admit that I think hardship can help make our elected officials better at their jobs as they might have more empathy for Americans going through similar tough personal events.”

The On the Record host was also less-than-pleased that Hiltzik went after breast cancer of all issues, saying that women have been putting the spotlight on it for years in order to address social stigma.

“Maybe Hiltzik is humorless and somehow unable to appreciate a soft touch of humor about a personal crisis can sometimes help others going through similar hell,” wrote Van Susteren. “My guess? I bet Hiltzik would have had a different column had the declarant been his candidate. It wasn’t.”

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