Greta Van Susteren Calls Campaigns’ Concerns About Candy Crowley ‘Bizarre’

Earlier today, we shared Mark Halperin‘s Time article about both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney‘s presidential campaign’s concerns about CNN anchor Candy Crowley‘s role as moderator for this week’s town hall-style debate.

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Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren weighed in on the story on her blog, singing Crowley’s praises and expressing worry over what the campaigns’ concerns say about them at this stage in the game:

That is bizarre that they are complaining. What are they both afraid of? A surprise question? a tough question? or worse, a follow up question that challenges them? That is exactly what the American people want in a debate and yes, Candy Crowley can do that. Both candidates need to be ready for anything and capable of answering anything.

The is no question that Candy Crowley is a pro with years and years of real experience….but if a candidate fears what Candy might ask at a debate, what happens when the candidate faces world leaders? Shrink and run?

“It scares me,” she adds, “that the campaigns and candidates may be a bunch of scaredy cats.”

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