comScore Guy Who Bombed Million Dollar Throw Gets Another Shot, Bombs it Again

Guy Who Bombed Million Dollar Throw Gets Another Shot, Bombs it Again

Won’t ABC/ESPN and meat manufacturing company Eckrich leave poor Joey Delk alone?

Delk is not great at throwing a football. We learned this a couple of weeks ago, when ESPN and Eckrich gave Delk a shot at throwing a football through a target from 25 yards for a million bucks. The throw missed spectacularly.

“I really wasn’t that nervous,” Delk said Monday, reflecting on his throw. “I mean, it just sailed on me.”

That’s okay. Not being able to throw a football well is not a crime. Plenty of people can’t do it.

But unwilling to leave well enough alone, ABC and Eckrich brought Delk up to New York to try again before a national audience on Good Morning America on Monday. A 25 yard toss for $1 million.

This try was significantly better. It was somewhat online, but fell a few yards short of the target.

Delk was given another crack at it, this time from 15 yards. He missed again.

He was given another, this from just 7 yards. He tossed it underhand. No good.

Thankfully, Delk didn’t walk away totally empty-handed. He was given a free year’s worth of groceries. Hopefully, the poor guy will now be left alone and not trotted out once again during Super Bowl week.

Watch above, via ABC.

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