Haley: ‘We’ve Said That We’d Support the Nominee,’ Even If it is Trump

Screen-Shot-2016-02-26-at-12.05.38-PMIn Greenville yesterday, Governor Nikki Haley was attending the South Carolina Automotive Summit. She used the opportunity to make a pretty shocking statement.

If you’ll recall, Haley delivered the Republican response to the State of the Union last month, dissing Donald Trump in the process. Trump responded. Then, she endorsed Marco Rubio for president.

Still, when asked by reporters at the Automotive Summit, she said the following:

We’ve said that we would support the nominee if they get the nomination. If it comes down to Trump, we don’t know if he could win a general and that’s a big concern.

So, she’d support Trump if he got the nomination, though she doesn’t believe he would be able to win. A shorter version of that is that Haley, like many in the Republican establishment, would rather fight on a losing team than work on being more bipartisan.

This is not something that was expected from the person who has been so vocal about her distaste for Trump.

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