Hampton Police Shut Down Jerry Seinfeld’s Charity Lemonade Stand

As local newspaper The East Hampton Press — and every other Seinfeld fan who’s heard about this story — put it, “No Lemonade for You.”

“Lemonade dreams crushed by local neighbor but not before raising lots of money for @loverecycled,” Jessica Seinfeld wrote on Instagram this week, along with a photo of her husband, Jerry Seinfeld, and their children with hands behind their heads. “Thanks to all of our customers and big tippers!”

The family had reportedly set up a lemonade stand to benefit their Baby Buggy charity, which provides clothes and other items to children in need. But after a neighbor called the police and complained that people were parking illegally near the operation, it was shut down.

East Hampton Village Police Chief Jerry Larsen confirmed to the Hampton paper that he informed the Seinfelds that “village code does not permit lemonade stands on village property.”

Really, this whole thing sounds more like something that would happen to Larry David.

[Photo via screengrab]

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