Hannity: Liberals Could Make It ‘Child Abuse’ for Parents to Tell Kids ‘Being Gay Is Not Normal’

Somehow, a discussion about NFL star Adrian Peterson‘s arrest for alleged child abuse devolved into Sean Hannity believing that child protection services could lead to Vast Infringements on Liberty — like, for instance, parents being prevented from telling their children that homosexuality is wrong.

While Hannity admitted Tuesday on his radio show that Peterson went too far in disciplining his son with a switch, he worried that the government intervening on behalf of the four-year-old boy could lead us down a slippery slope of more intrusive government behavior:

You guys want to tell parents what they can and cannot do. For example, is it gonna become illegal if a parent teaches kids the politically correct view that being gay is not normal? Or that the parent says — whatever the parent wants to teach the kid that you would disagree with… I think we’ve gotten to the point where, if we don’t politically correct our kids, we might as well hand our kids over to the government the day that they’re born and let them raise them.

“Why should kids be allowed to get birth control at school without parental permission?” he continued over a protesting guest who wondered why they were no longer talking about Peterson. “What about counselors that take teenagers for abortion without parental consent?”

Listen below via The Hannity Show:

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