Happy Mother’s Day 2012!

Today, mothers across the country will be treated to family brunches, bouquets of flowers, and, of course, gifts. A nice day, to be sure, but the historical journey behind the holiday has been a long one. Back in 1870, Julia Ward Howe — after bearing witness to the damage of the Civil War — penned the Mother’s Day Proclamation, as a call to mothers to rally for peace.

In it, Howe wrote, “Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn / All that we have been able to teach them of / charity, mercy and patience.” While Howe planted a seed, it wasn’t until decades later that the idea came to reality. Anna Jarvis vowed to create a day of recognition when her mother passed away in 1905. Her efforts picked up in 1908, and in 1912, President Woodrow Wilson signed a resolution declaring Mother’s Day the second Sunday in May.

Times have changed since then, of course, but sentiment behind the holiday remains. We’ll surely be talking about mothers on cable news today, and reading 140-character thoughts online — and, for a change, it won’t be because of a snarky comment from a politician or outrage over a “war on stay-at-home moms.”

Happy Mother’s Day!

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