Harry Reid Kinda-Sorta Owns Up to Past Support for Iraq War: “I’m Sorry…’

Senator Harry Reid has no patience for Iraq War supporters telling everyone else what they think about Iraq today. There’s just one snag: Reid voted for the Iraq War back in 2003. So what does he have to say about that? Well, in an interview with the Huffington Post, he admits he’s sorry…

…for being misled.

Reid explained he simply “accepted” what he was told by White House officials, and “it took me just a matter of a few months to realize it was a bad mistake.” He said that he’s “sorry that I was misled, but I was, and it was a mistake for me to vote for that war.”

Some Bush administration critics have made it clear they don’t want to hear from the architects of the Iraq War on anything to do with foreign policy ever again.

[image via Gary Cameron/Reuters]

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