Harry Reid Might Lose Eyesight After Exercise Injury

In an interview with KNPR that aired this morning, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) revealed that an exercise injury he suffered on New Year’s Day may leave him blind in one eye.

“I had a serious injury in my eye, there’s blood accumulation there, and we’re hoping that resolves itself,” he said. “As long as the blood is in the eye, it’s hard to see.”

The 75-year-old Reid was exercising in his own home with resistance bands when one snapped, flying into his eye and knocking him backwards, breaking three ribs and suffering a concussion. Reid added that he was under strict orders “not to be reading a bunch of emails.”

Reid, a former amateur boxer, joked that no one should use this incident to portray him as weak: “I don’t know how many people out there could sit down and do 250 pushups, or do the strength exercises I did with those bands. Hundreds and hundreds of times, hundreds of times, every week, three times a week. So no one has to question my physical ability.”

The Incredible Hulky Reid added that this would not impact his ability to run in 2016.

[h/t NBC News]
[Image via screenshot/Harry Reid]

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