Harry Reid: We Need ‘9/11-Type Commission’ for Russian Hacking

Senator Harry Reid sat down for the BuzzFeed Brews event earlier tonight and said that there needs to be a “9/11-type commission” looking into Russian hacking.

He said that the hacking “is as big a deal as Watergate, as 9/11.”

Reid said it’s pretty clear Russian leaked information to sway the election and went on a tear against FBI Director James Comey, saying, “I think Comey has done as much to denigrate the FBI in just the short three years he’s been here as J. Edgar Hoover did during his time.”

And on the question of a potential new FBI director, Reid said, “It would be very difficult… to come up with somebody as irresponsible as Comey.”

He also said he supports members of the Electoral College receiving an intel briefing before they vote next week.

Reid and his old target Mitt Romney got into a fierce back-and-forth this week, but Reid admitted tonight that Mitt Romney was right in 2012 when he called Russia America’s greatest geopolitical foe. (You’ll recall President Obama responded to that line with a zinger.)

Watch above (starting at the 32-minute mark), via Facebook/BuzzFeed.

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