Harry Reid’s Name Removed from Building at His Alma Mater

Well, this is embarrassing. Senator Harry Reid is an alum of Southern Utah University, and their Outdoor Engagement Center is named after him.

Well, it was. His name was removed from the building after people complained.

And how unpopular is the Senate Majority Leader? People were offering sizable cash pledges to the school if they removed his name. Ouch.

Cedar City Councilman Paul Cozzens didn’t change the name as a result of those offers, but did reach a settlement of some kind.

After taking the summer to consider citizens’ request and spending time talking with the administrators at the Outdoor Engagement Center, Wyatt came up with a solution: Reid’s name would be removed from that center, but his name still would be retained on campus, standing alone as the Harry Reid Center.

The building for that center, however, does not exist, yet.

Oh, and it turns out Reid’s name didn’t exactly inspire people to give money to the school. So… that’s awkward.

[h/t Yahoo News]
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