Harvard Prof. Sends Angry Emails to Restaurant Owner over 4 Dollars


A Harvard business professor ordered Chinese food after checking the menu online. It turns out the prices hadn’t been updated and the total was $4 more than he expected. What followed was one of the most unbelievable email exchanges you may ever read.

Boston.com obtained the email exchange between Professor Ben Edelman and Ran Duan. Duan manages the Baldwin Bar located inside the Woburn-based Sichuan Garden. Edelman asked Duan about the price discrepancy, and Duan said they hadn’t updated the prices online. Here’s how Edelman responded:

Duan agreed to honor the website price, but that wasn’t good enough for Edelman:

Duan was very accommodating of Edelman’s requests, even taking down the site temporarily so he could update the prices. He apologized for the confusion again and said he has no problem paying the $12. And then there was this exchange:

After that, Duan sent another email in which he asked, “You seem like a smart man, but is this really worth your time?” Edelman kept going:

And here’s what happened when Boston.com decided to reach out to Edelman directly to ask him what the hell:

Edelman told Boston.com that investigating pricing discrepancies by neighborhood restaurants isn’t something he does every day.

“I mostly look for malfeasance by larger companies,” he said. “It certainly seems like a situation that could call for legal redress. But this is a small business in the town where I reside.”

And don’t worry, he still thinks the food is “delicious.”

[images via Harvard Business School]

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