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‘Have You Seen My Show?’ Fallon Responds to Criticism for Going Easy on Trump

The Internet got really mad at Jimmy Fallon for his recent softball interview of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, though the Tonight Show host wonders whether people really should’ve expected anything different.

Fallon welcomed Trump to his show last week, where the most unusual thing that happened was that he got to mess around with Trump’s hair.

TMZ caught up with Fallon as he was leaving the Emmys Sunday night, and he was asked about how critics have said that he should’ve asked Trump a hard question about his controversies instead of keeping everything so light-hearted.

“Have you seen my show?” Fallon asked the reporter. “I’m never too hard on anyone.”

Fallon also told TMZ that he got Trump’s approval to touch his hair before taping the show that night. When asked what it felt like, Fallon said it had a “fascinating texture” similar to fake grass in Easter baskets.

“We always ask everybody before,” Fallon said. “I’m not one of those ‘gotcha’ people.”

Fallon’s Monday night show will feature Hillary Clinton, and part of it will involve Fallon wearing a surgical mask to lampoon the former Secretary of State’s recent health scares.

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