‘He Actually Sounded Presidential’: CNN’s Ana Navarro Offers Some Rare Praise for Trump

CNN political commentator and republican strategist Ana Navarro has been one of the most prominent critics of President Donald Trump on the network. Which was why it was stunning, on Friday, to hear Navarro offer Trump something faintly resembling praise.

Following Trump’s speech at Boeing’s plant in North Charleston, SC, Navarro took part in a panel discussion on CNN — and gave the president a rare compliment.

“He actually sounded presidential,” a visibly surprised Navarro said. “It might be the first or second time in 29 days he sounds presidential.”

Mostly, what impressed Navarro Friday was Trump staying on message. No mentions of “fake news.” No unsupported claims about voter fraud. For the most part, Trump talked jobs. And Navarro liked it.

“He actually stuck to message. He stuck to script. He read the teleprompter. And he did very well,” Navarro said. “I would tell the people in the White House, instead of building a wall between Mexico and us, build a wall around the White House and do not let Donald Trump in! On the road is where he’s happiest.”

But lest you think Navarro is about to go from fierce Trump critic to ardent Trump supporter, note her response to fellow panelist and former South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, who joked that he was going to give Navarro a Trump 2020 bumper sticker.

“Don’t go crazy,” she said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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