‘He Sounded Like Barack Obama!’ Don Lemon Notes Jon Ossoff’s Rhetorical Style

CNN’s Don Lemon fawned over Jon Ossoff late Tuesday night, moments after the Democratic congressional candidate indicated that he was headed for a run-off election in June 2017.

“Am I the only who said, he sounded like Barack Obama? No? Did that sound like Barack Obama?,” Lemon asked his panelists.

Right-leaning CNN pundit Tara Setmayer seconded the CNN anchor’s take: “Yes, he did.  He did. He’s thirty years old, I guess. It worked for him.”

Left-wing CNN commentator Angela Rye chimed in with an Obama-era slogan: “He’s inspired. Yes, we can, Jon Ossoff! Yes, we can!” This led to laughs from Lemon and the other panelists.

It should be pointed out that back in December 2014, Lemon gushed over Mr. and Mrs. Obama, and contended that the couple were the “closest thing we have to royalty.” Setmayer also appeared during that segment, and retorted, “We fought a war to get away from that.”

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