Helen Thomas Needs To Know Why Al Qaeda Hates America

Throughout the Bush administration, Helen Thomas became known in some circles as a tireless attack-dog reporter — which depending on your point of view, was either an admirable or annoying trait. It seems her style hasn’t become any less tenacious under the Obama administration. And while we admire her longevity in the White House press room, made more impressive by gender barriers she’s passed — we firmly believe she’s being a little ridiculous here.

Some background — today, Obama spoke about the failed security efforts that lead to the the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas day. The White House then arranged a press briefing with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan.

Thomas asked a couple of questions, but relentlessly stayed on why Al Qaeda wanted to do harm do the United States. A fair question, in many settings. But a complex one to be sure, not necessarily appropriate when detailing the nation’s next steps in preventing mass killing to American civilians by the actions of Al Qaeda.

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