Here’s What NatGeo WILD Is Going to Air Opposite the Super Bowl…

Let’s face it, everyone is going to be glued to Fox on Super Bowl Sunday. No one is going to be watching any other network (except whatever kind of niche audience the Puppy Bowl has). And Nat Geo WILD’s decided to just have fun with it, since they know no one will be watching, so for counter-programming they will be showing four straight hours of a goldfish in a fish bowl. The show is called Fish Bowl.

Now granted, it’s marginally more interesting than the Yule Log programming channels run on Christmas, because at least something in the frame is alive.

Nat Geo WILD made the announcement at the Television Critics Association on Friday, releasing this very snarky statement.

“In the vein of other reality series, where the daily drama of a character’s life plays out in a ‘fishbowl’ setting, Goldie will swim about her daily business in an actual fishbowl,” Nat Geo Wild said in a statement, gill firmly in cheek. “Without filters and with remarkable candor, Goldie navigates through an average day in the life of a goldfish. When asked how this stacks up to her competition, Goldie offered, ‘Can Bruno Mars pack all of that into his halftime show? Right, I didn’t think so, blub, blurb, bubble.’”

A fish bowl.

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