Here Are Clinton and Trump’s Most RT’ed Tweets of the Entire Election


Now that this election is almost (mercifully) over, Twitter has some interesting metrics out today on how the campaign played out on Twitter.

According to Twitter, these were the most retweeted tweets from both candidates over the course of the entire campaign:

So yes, Trump’s most-RT’ed tweet was his snappy comeback to Clinton’s most-RT’ed. And as Twitter also points out, “Clinton’s ‘delete your account’ Tweet was the most Retweeted Tweet of the entire election.”

In fact, as Twitter notes, Clinton’s second-most-RT’ed tweet of the entire campaign was in response to a 2012 tweet from Trump that ended up being his third-most-RT’ed of all time:

Overall, though, there have been roughly a billion tweets sent out about the election, and based on this graphic, more of them have been about Trump than Clinton:

And since January, it’s clear that foreign affairs have dominated most of the online policy conversation:

[image via screengrab]

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