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Here Are the Four Political Leaders Less Popular than Jar Jar Binks

Luke, I am your nominee.

538’s Walt Hickey — read his data-crunching series on classic rock series! — polled the populace on the favorability of various Star Wars characters and discovered that the much maligned Jar Jar Binks was the least popular character of the franchise, more disliked than even “the actual personification of evil in the galaxy,” Emperor Palpatine.

He’s not less popular, however, than Congress, whose approval rating Wonkblog noted was deep, deep underwater. The leaders of Congress — John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid — all polled lower than the Binkster as well:

(Chart via Wonkblog)

Meanwhile, bad news for Oval Office seekers: Darth Vader, he of the conflicted villainy, polled higher than any contender for the 2016 presidency. Only Hillary Clinton came close, though a Clinton v. Vader race would be too dynasty-ish.

If you’re about to object that it’s pointless to compare fictional characters with real people tasked with making unpopular decisions, this exercise might not be for you.

[h/t 538 / Washington Post]

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