Here Are the Idiots Behind the Dumb Scheme to Accuse Robert Mueller of Sexual Harassment

GOP lobbyist and Seth Rich conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman is working with the notoriously unintelligent pro-Trump Twitter personality Jacob Wohl to smear special counsel Robert Mueller with sexual misconduct allegations, according to a report from The Daily Beast.

Rumors of the idea have reportedly gone around for the past several weeks, but Mueller’s office requested that the FBI look into the it today, making it public news. Word first got out about it after several journalists received tips from an anonymous woman who said she was offered cash in exchange for coming forward with false allegations against Mueller.

Burkman claims he hasn’t offered anyone money to accuse Mueller, despite announcing that he will throw a presser in the Washington, D.C. area where a woman will detail her misconduct allegations against the former FBI director.

“We’re going to prove that he is a drunk and a sexual abuser,” Burkman said in a comment to The Daily Beast.

Mueller has little-to-nothing to worry about in this case however, as Burkman has a long history of making bombshell claims that he can never back up with actual evidence.

Over the summer, Burkman threw a Seth Rich presser where he claimed to have a whistleblower who would come forward and expose the DNC’s involvement in the staffer’s death, but no whistleblower ever showed up and an unconfirmed caller phoned into the meeting over speakerphone. Additionally, Burkman has already tried to weaponize baseless allegations amid the #MeToo movement, claiming last year that he knew of misconduct allegations against a sitting congressman, yet he never came forward with an accuser or evidence.

Wohl, on the other hand, has a history of promoting obviously false information, pushing conspiracies, and sharing dumb posts that go viral for ridiculous they are.

The anonymous woman claiming to have been offered cash by Burkman approached media outlets by referring to herself as Lorraine Parsons. She accused Burkman of pushing her to “make accusations of sexual misconduct and workplace harassment against Robert Mueller” and to “sign a sworn affidavit,” while offering her tens of thousands of dollars for her help.

Burkman denied these claims, saying, “Be careful with the internet. It’s a mirage, it’s just a wasteland of crazy stuff.”

Pro-Trump Internet figure Jacob Wohl claimed Burkman hired Matthew Cohen of the private investigations firm Surefire Intelligence. The PI company claimed in advertisements to be “founded by two members of Israel’s elite intelligence community” who can be hired for and as “counter intelligence,” “private spies,” and “ethical hackers.” Per their website, Surefire has locations in California, New York, Tel Aviv, Washington D.C., and other notable cities around the world, but all the firm’s phone numbers redirect to a line from Wohl’s home turf, Orange County, California.

As for the employees listed as working for Surefire, their photos appear to be just of random people taken off Google images.

Wohl denied helping Burkman with any fake allegations, telling NBC News,”I don’t have any involvement in any investigations of any kind. I’m not quite that cool,” despite tweeting about such an investigation several days ago.

Wohl stopped talking to NBC News after they informed him that Surefire’s phone number is tied to a voicemail account registered by his mother.

Earlier today, Wohl took to Twitter to claim, “Several media sources tell me that a scandalous story about Mueller is breaking tomorrow. Should be interesting. Stay tuned!” Wohl’s father also jumped in the controversy, tweeting “the Witch Hunt is in jeopardy!” after Burkman announced his supposed allegations against the special counsel.

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