Here’s How Both Candidates Responded to the NY Report on Trump’s Taxes

Late last night, the New York Times dropped a report that could have a very real effect on this year’s presidential election. Put simply, after checking out some old tax returns, they came to the conclusion that Donald Trump may well have avoided paying taxes for 18 years, which could explain why he has made history by becoming the only modern presidential candidate not to release his tax returns.

Hillary Clinton responded last night, calling the report a “bombshell” and calling on her opponent to release his tax returns immediately.

She referenced a big moment from last Monday’s debate, which came when he called himself “smart” for evading taxes. (He’s since attempted to claim he didn’t admit to not paying taxes, but still stands by his belief that not paying them is smart.)

The Trump campaign released a statement last night, too, but it wasn’t what people were waiting for. The statement blasted the Times for allegedly looking at tax returns that were “illegally obtained,” but what political observers hoped for was another late-night tweet spree.

That never came, but there were some early-morning tweets on Sunday that will have to do.

Finally, he manually retweeted someone defending him against low poll numbers…

…after spending the week insisting that post-debate polls put him in first place.

As the world sleep, the Donald tweets, but more concrete soundbites on this tax situation are sure to be coming all week.

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