Here’s How People Are Reacting to Laremy Tunsil Almost Missing His Presser Over ‘Allergic Reaction’


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.17.14 PMEvery prospective NFL player falls asleep the night before the draft dreaming of being the most talked-about pick the next day. Visions of Twitter trends and press conferences dance in the heads of young American men. Laremy Tunsil achieved all of that last night, but probably not in the way that he wanted to.

Between the video of him smoking weed in a gas mask that was posted to his (now-deleted) Twitter and the incriminating texts uploaded to his Instagram, he had a busy enough night without even being the 13th draft pick and heading to the Miami Dolphins.

Today, he bailed on a press conference. His handlers said he was having an “allergic reaction.” People on Twitter reacted as people on Twitter do.

He ended up showing up, though!

Somehow, he even managed to turn some of the public reception around.

Maybe the best reaction so far has been his, since he’s been keeping it positive.

What do you think? Did he have an allergic reaction? Is he handling this whole thing right?

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