Here’s What Happened While The NRA Told Parents Not To Lock Up Their Guns

The most recent round of ricin letters has pushed gun control back into the national news, but the past month has offered ample gun news that the national media has ignored. May was the deadliest month for children since Newtown, and in a continuation of a horrific trend, there were shootings by children as young as two years old, of children as young as two. Despite the mounting body count, no one has asked the National Rifle Association why they tell parents not to lock up their guns, or even reported that the NRA tells parents not to lock up their guns.

In its advice to parents, the NRA acknowledges the existence of gun safes, but vaguely recommends they “Store guns so that they are inaccessible to children and other unauthorized users.”

However, in multiple press releases opposing bills that would have required adults with children to lock up their guns, the NRA has taken the official position that locking up guns “render(s) homeowners defenseless and given criminals a clear advantage in home invasions,” and that locking up guns “render(s) firearms useless in self-defense situations.”

You can lock up your guns, then, but only if you want your whole family to be murdered.

Here’s how the NRA’s advice worked out this past month:

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