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Here’s Why Ann Coulter Invited a Black Uber Driver to Breitbart Party

1thumbRacists have this peculiar aversion to being identified as racists, so much so that even proud former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke bristles at the description. Conservative commentator and “In Trump We Trust” author Ann Coulter took that aversion to its natural conclusion recently when, according to a recent interview with Sean Hannity, she took the noteworthy step of inviting a black person to a Breitbart-sponsored launch party for her book.

Here’s the reason Coulter gave Hannity for the invite that was so extraordinary to Coulter, she made a cable news anecdote out of it:

Breitbart had a book party for “In Trump We Trust” last night, I was on my way there in an Uber car. The Uber driver said “Do you mind if we listen to the news,” the whole thing was CNN with them all talking about Breitbart being this racist organization. There’s all racist. I said “What are you listening to,” and then told him — he was a black cab driver, an Uber driver. I said you are taking me to a party at this horrible — I’m bursting out laughing at this, and I invited him to come to the party so he could see all the scary racists there.

The Trump campaign recently hired chief Steve Bannon as campaign CEO, a move which Hillary Clinton lambasted last week by pointing out that Bannon proudly boasts that his site is “the platform for the alt-right,” the racist fringe that has supported Trump since the early days of his candidacy. Coulter doesn’t say whether the Uber driver accepted her invitation once he was done driving Miss Coulter to her destination.

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