Here’s Your Chance to See What North Korea’s Nuclear Testing Site Looks Like

With rumors swirling that North Korea is about to conduct its sixth nuclear test in 11 years (or do something worse), people naturally have a lot of questions. Thanks to a new interactive model, one question might have an answer.

A group from the Monterey Institute of International Studies released a moveable graphic that shows what the nuclear test site in Punggye-ri, North Korea looks like. Here’s how The Verge describes the model:

Using that seismic information, along with satellite images and high-resolution topography data released by both NASA and Japan’s Ministry of the Economy, Trade, and Industry, Jeffrey Lewis and his colleagues at the Monterey Institute of International Studies have created a 3D model of what they think the tunnels stretching beneath the mountains of Punggye-ri look like. They filled in visual details based on photos of our own tunnels here in the US, and an animation released by North Korea, Lewis says in an article for the Nuclear Threat Initiative in December 2016.

Knowledge is power and in the face of a nuclear threat, we all need as much knowledge as we can get.

Try it above.

[image: screengrab]

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