Herman Cain And Glenn Beck Agree: ‘Anti-Capitalism’ Wall Street Protest Is Trying To Start Revolution

Herman Cain And Beck Agree: ‘Anti-Capitalism’ Wall Street Protest Is Trying To Start Revolution

Herman Cain appeared on Glenn Beck’s radio show today and the interview started particularly goofy and light with Beck playing sexy music while Cain described his “999” plan for some “Conservative eroticism.” However, once that was done, the interview took a more serious turn as both Cain and Beck described their beliefs that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are, at best, trying to distract from Barack Obama’s failings and, at worst, trying to sow revolution.

These theories were nothing new for Beck but seemed fairly strong coming from a presidential candidate.

It started when Beck asked Cain his thoughts on the protest:

“First of all, the Wall Street protesters are anti-capitalism. The Wall Street protesters represent, in my opinion – I don’t have factual information – It is an attempt to distract from the failed policies of the Obama administration and so they want to blame the fat cats, they want to blame Wall Street for the fact that 14 million people are still out of work. They want to blame the fat cats for the fact that the economy is not growing when it is all the responsibility of failed policies of Obama and his administration. That’s all that is.”

The idea that they are shills for the president would probably be news to some of the protesters who are just as angry at Obama for not being hard enough on the banks involved in the economic recession.

Cain went on to say that, if the protesters just wanted people to go to jail over those crimes, that would be one thing. But, if they want taxes to penalize those who have been successful, they’re advocating “class warfare.”

Beck took it further, bringing up his belief that the entire thing has been organized by the likes of Stephen Lerner and the SEIU who have been plotting it for months or years to bring about a full revolution (the Lerner connection is something Beck began advocating after finding what he believed was a video taped confession last March).

Cain replied that he had assumed they were behind it but didn’t have the information yet. Beck promised to send it to him and Cain said that would be very helpful.

Watch the clip from GBTV below:

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