Heroic Michael Jackson Impersonator Attempts to Stop Riots by Throwing Dance Party in Street


During the middle of a destructive day in Baltimore, reporters covering the riots curiously kept mentioning that they heard someone blasting Michael Jackson music really, really loudly in the streets.

It turns out that it came from Dmitri Reeves, a rapper with a great side hustle as a famous Michael Jackson impersonator, who started dancing on top of a yellow truck:

And he was dedicated:

The dance was so strong with this man that he, like MJ, singlehandedly brought peace and love to the streets:

Reeves kept dancing into the late hours of the night, as long as it took to keep people entertained and not rioting, and it quickly took on a surreal quality as the night wore on and he began dancing in front of a line of riot cops:

[Image via screenshot]

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