‘He’s Not in a Good Place’: Nancy Pelosi and Morning Joe Question Trump’s Mental Health

Earlier this week, the folks at Morning Joe spent quite a bit of time discussing President Donald Trump’s mental fitness and whether he was capable to serve as president. Well, this morning, the panel again seemed to question POTUS’s state of mind, and this time, added House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to the mix.

During a lengthy conversation this morning, Pelosi was at one point asked what advice she’d give the president if he came to her and said he had “this problem with Russia” and just wanted to get “back to the people’s business.”

“What I have advised him to do — go to sleep,” she said. “Get some sleep. Bring yourself to a place where the synapses are working.”

“I agree with you completely,” co-host Mika Brzezinski stated. Pelosi went on to recount an instance of Trump calling her up after midnight and how she had told him to “go to sleep,” adding that “more sleep” might be a solution for him.

“His own people say he doesn’t sleep,” co-host Joe Scarborough interjected. “He wanders around the White House. His family’s not there right now. He bangs around there with the likes of Steve Bannon. He’s obsessed with the news. He sits and watches tv six hours a day.”

After a bit of crosstalk, Joe pointed out the following: “I am just saying he’s not in a good place.”

“We are not in disagreement with that,” Pelosi responded, pivoting to saying that they need to have facts when making judgments on the presidency and what the Russians tried to do.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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