Hey, Hey, Hey! Watch Bill Cosby Play Fat Albert Outside Courtroom As Future Hangs in Balance

As the jury decides Bill Cosby‘s fate, the now tarnished comedic actor addressed media, onlookers and fans assembled outside the Philadelphia municipal court building.

The recently stoic Cosby has been a man of very few words with the allegations of sexual assualt surrounding him, so it was with baited breath that observers noticed that Cosby was finally ready to provide some comment on this ongoing drama. As Cosby walked past the assembled paparrazi, he opened his mouth and finally released the words everyone was so eager to say.

“Hey, hey, hey!” he shouted, which are the words most known as the catch-phrase of his Fat Albert character made famous in the 70’s children’s cartoon and the 2004 movie remake.

Watch the video above, courtesy of NBC10 Philadelphia.

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