Hillary Clinton Also Whiffs on Saudi Arabia 9/11 Liability Bill: ‘I Haven’t Studied it’


On Sunday morning’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton missed an opportunity to outclass her opponent when host and former Clinton administration staffer George Stephanopoulos asked her to weigh in on a controversial bill that would allow Saudi Arabia to face liability for the 9/11 attacks in American courts, which has in turn elicited threats of a massive sell-off of American assets by the Saudi government. Bernie Sanders whiffed on the question earlier Sunday morning, and when Hillary was asked about it, she similarly had to lay off a definitive response:

STEPHANOPOULOS: You’re senior senator here in New York, Chuck Schumer has sponsored a bill backed by the 9/11 families that would give them the right to sue state sponsors of terror in federal court. Now, it’s opposed by the Obama administration. They say it’s going to expose the US and its officials to retaliation. So who’s right here, Senator Schumer or President Obama?

CLINTON: I don’t really know about that, George. I’ll have to look into it. Obviously we’ve got to make anyone who participates in or supports terrorism pay a price. And we also have to be aware of any consequences that might affect Americans, either military or civilian or our nation. So I’m not—

STEPHANOPOULOS: (CROSSTALK) You don’t’ know about—It’s been around for several years.

CLINTON: Well, I know there’s been an issue about it for quite some time. I don’t’ know about the specific legislation that you’re referring to, but obviously I’ll look into it.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Okay, so– but you’re not prepared to say now whether you support or oppose it?

CLINTON: I can’t. I haven’t studied it. Unlike some people, I actually do try to learn what’ sat the core of any question before I offer an opinion, cause you know, it’s not enough to say what’s wrong. I think you’ve got a responsibility to say how you’re going to fix it.

There are a couple of key differences, the least important being that Sanders is currently a member of the Senate, while Clinton is not, but should still have enough information to take a position. More salient is the fact that the Obama administration is lobbying against the bill, which puts Hillary between an Obama rock and a 9/11 families hard place.

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