Hillary Clinton Debuts New ‘Possible Next President’ Series Aimed at Downing Donald


Well, it’s certainly worth a shot, I suppose.

The newest effort to derail the Trump Train has emerged from the Hillary Clinton camp in the form of a new Twitter video that debuted Friday morning. “A Message From Your Potential Next President,” is a comedically edited video that HRC Twitter account calls, “the first in a new series”:

Set to the tune of Hail to the Chief, it seems as if the new “series” will all look at divisive issues using old footage of her chief Republican opponent Donald Trump. The first episode rolled out was on a hot-button issue, featuring a clip of the presumptive nominee speaking candidly about the drain of pregnancy on business.

“Well you know, pregnancy is never — it’s a wonderful thing for the woman, it’s a wonderful thing for the husband, it’s certainly an inconvenience for business,” says Trump in the clip.

So, will these little Twitter videos finally be the kryptonite that brings down the Trump momentum once and for all? Likely not, not to mention the fact that it’s probably pretty risky business to engage in dusting off old tapes of political rivals when you yourself have been filmed for decades in the public eye, but I digress. We’ll certainly keep an eye out for whatever the Clinton camp tries to hit him with next.

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