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Hillary Clinton: I’ve Donated All My University Speaking Fees to Charity

No one’s quite sure how much money Hillary Clinton makes off of college speaking fees — some estimates peg it at $200,000 per speech — but in an interview with ABC, Clinton said that her speaking fees didn’t factor into her personal wealth, because she donates all her fees to charity! Specifically, her family’s charity, the Clinton Foundation.

“All of the fees have been donated to the Clinton Foundation for it to continue its life-changing and life-saving work. So it goes from a foundation at a university to another foundation,” she told Ann Compton on Friday.

While the tax breaks one gets from donating money to one’s foundation must be quite lucrative, Clinton said that the point of her speaking tours (she’s on one now, to promote Hard Choices) isn’t to collect money, but to fuel a debate over income inequality. She pointed to a protest at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, in which students demanded that she forego her $225,000 fee for a speech she’s scheduled to give in October.

“It’s been my experience,” Clinton said, “That they’re not worried about my speaking or my household, they’re worried about their own. And that’s the kind of debate I think I’m furthering as I go around the country speaking.”

(But seriously, the foundation is legally called “The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.”)

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