Hillary Clinton on Email Discrepancies: ‘I Can’t Answer That’

ClintonWhen asked by the Des Moines Register about a discrepancy between what the State Department was saying about her email server and her own words, Hillary Clinton said bluntly that she couldn’t explain it.

Just before the Register interviewed Clinton as part of its endorsement process, The Washington Post reported that the State Department told them their request for Clinton’s emails were “prompted entirely by the discovery that Clinton had exclusively used a private e-mail system.” However, the Democratic presidential candidate has always maintained that the State Department asked for the emails of all Secretaries of State, not just her, and as part of a mundane bookkeeping exercise.

When asked about the discrepancies, Clinton had no answer. “I don’t know that. I can’t answer that,” Clinton said. “All I know is that they sent the same letter to everybody. That’s my understanding.”

“You’re telling me something I don’t know,” Clinton said. “All I know is what I have said. What I have said is it was allowed. The State Department has confirmed that. The same letter went to, as far as I know, my predecessors, and I’m the one who said, ‘Hey, I’ll be glad to help.'”

Watch, via Des Moines Register.

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