Hillary Clinton Plays Media Critic: News More Entertainment and Opinion-Driven

Hillary Clinton spoke at the University of Connecticut yesterday, and during the Q&A portion, CNN reports, she played the role of media critic when asked about the role of journalists in D.C. politics. Clinton said she believes “journalism has changed quite a bit in a way that is not good for the country and not good for journalism.”

Clinton argued that most media coverage nowadays “has become more entertainment driven and more opinion-driven” instead of just reporting the facts, with “controversial” commentators brought on news programs to fight and bicker instead of having a substantive discussion. She lamented, “You might not learn anything but you might be entertained and I think that’s just become an unfortunate pattern that I wish could be broken.”

Clinton said the world needs more “explanatory journalism” (which we have at least some of already thanks to Vox, FiveThirtyEight, and The Upshot) and also recommended journalists do their homework so they’re “well-prepared when they interview people.”

[photo via Chatham House]

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