Hillary Clinton Reportedly Wants to Cheer Up Millionaire Donors with a Thank-You Party

hillary-clinton-3Hillary Clinton spent more money on her presidential campaign than Donald Trump did, and it’s safe to assume that some of her biggest donors are feeling pretty sore about how the election turned out. Still, it seems they’ll be getting a consolation prize: an invitation to a party at the Plaza hotel in New York.

Page Six reports that the former presidential candidate will be holding a soirée with a group of her millionaire donors, including Anna Wintour, Harvey Weinstein, and Tory Burch. The event will honor the Hillary for America finance leadership council and will take place in the Grand Ballroom on the hotel’s third floor.

One person told the Post, “Hopefully there’s no balconies so nobody can jump.”

Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine will also reportedly be there, though he will be holding his own party on the same day. Page Six’s source speculated that Kaine might be trying to salvage Clinton’s network of connections for his own presidential run someday.

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